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Jan 29, 2022

The Friday Five for January 28, 2022

Picture from Pixabay

Answers to the friday five @ Livejournal

1. Do you write letters on a regular basis or just for special occasions?

Me and mine have always kept in contact via phone, text messages and e-mails. The only time I ever wrote letters regularly, to my Mom and my best friend, was for few months while I lived away from my home town for studying to be a librarian. And then only because I at first didn’t have my own phone (no telephone at the apartment), but had to use the pay phone in the communal space (expensive and there was always somebody around, so no privacy). But then one of my other co-habitants and I got a telephone line together (we paid it half and half), and then I didn’t need to write letters anymore.

2. Do you stockpile cards and notepaper?

I didn’t used to but now… No cards, but notebooks yes. For drawing, and fountain pen friendly paper. Since a few years ago when I started drawing when I bought several of the so pretty notebooks for drawing and also others for watercolor from who does amazing blank art books (very happy that I bought them then, because she doesn’t sell the ones I bought anymore, and raised prizes because she changed to higher quality materials and are now much too expensive for me). And then even more when I discovered fountain pens because that lead to trying out for fountain pen friendly paper, and also learned to make simple notebooks of my own with Tomoe River paper.

3. Are you in the habit of writing thank you notes or just send something via e mail and call it good enough?

Thank you notes aren’t a thing here, at least in my circles. And we never got them when I was growing up, either – I know because I was always the first home so I’d pick up the mail. Now that I think about it, letters in general weren’t much of a thing either my for family as far as I can remember – we kept in touch with our relatives and friends with the telephone, not writing letters. Typically we’d get bills, magazines, news papers and other “official” mail, not hand written personal ones (except for Christmas and birthday cards). Then when text messages and e-mail came along, we started using those along with telephone calls.

4. Do you have any stickers or fun ink stamps?

I never did have before, but last year I bought some MU print-on transfer stickers. I have looked at ink stamps, but don’t own any… I worry that I might get bored with it, always having to use the same one(s) and I’m not sure I spend money on them just in case that happens. Stickers have so much variety! I also have a few Washi tape rolls.

5. Without looking (and I’m going to have to trust you here), how many stamps do you currently have on hand (a roll, a sheet, something like that)?

Maybe about 6 MU print-on transfer sticker sheets most of them half used already, about 15 Washi tape rolls (most of them those really narrow ones) and zero stamps, ink or postage.

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