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Jun 10, 2022

The Friday Five for 10 June 2022

Picture from Pixabay because pretty.

Answers to today’s questions at The Friday Five @ DW

1. What is the last book you read and what book(s), if any, are you currently reading?

The first book in Åsa Larsson’s Rebecka Martinsson crime series “Aurinkomyrsky” was the last one I read. I’m currently reading the second in the series “Sudentaival”. These are re-reads actually. I read them 10+ years ago for the first time, then this year saw that there’s been a fourth book published in the series so read that one, discovered I didn’t remember the first three nearly at all but remembered liking them a lot, so wanted I’d re-read them now. The original language is Swedish but I read the Finnish language versions, and I think they’ve been translated into English too.

2. How about moving pictures? Are you a fan of any TV show or movie right now?

I’m a fan of many movies and tv shows, all the old ones (I never really drop anything, just add new loves) like Xena, Dark Skies, Game Of Thrones, Stargate, The Last Of The Mohicans. But right now I’m really excited to be watching Star Trek: Strange New Worlds! Six episodes is out currently and I’ve LOVED all six. I love all the characters, and I love that it’s episodic with a few character arcs that are followed in multiple episodes. I also love that it’s a clear ensemble show – it’s much more like TNG or DS9 rather than TOS or DSC in that way and I love that.

3. What’s your favorite genre, and why?

Movies and tv shows: scifi/fantasy. Books: romance with supernatural/suspense/scifi/fantasy elements, and I also enjoy the same without much romance included as well as detective books.

4. If we were all evacuating the planet, and you could only bring 3 unique works of entertainment for posterity, which would you pick? Let’s just assume that we’ve coordinated it so there are no repeats.

I’d want certain Star Trek series, so I guess Star Trek everything as a whole and that includes all the movies/tv shows/comics/soundtracks etc., The Leftovers sountrack and The Last Of The Mohicans soundtrack.

5. Do you make new works as well (fannish or original both count)? Or is that not your skillset/interest?

I do! Most often I make desktop wallpapers – have been making them for 20+ years now, and there is no end in sight! I used to make icons too during the Livejournal years, and I’ve been thinking I should try to get back into that. I also make fansites, which I count as a fan activity although it’s never listed in questionnaires as such. Outside fandom, I paint, making simple little notebooks and do acrylic pouring. My only problem is that I love making notebooks but can’t use them up fast enough to suit me so I don’t get to make them often enough.

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