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Jo’s Weekly Questions – June 16-30, 2022

Image from Pixabay because pretty.

Answer’s to Jo’s weekly questions over at Dreamwidth.

16. Is there some event that changed how you view the world?

Two, actually: long term unemployment/temp jobs and becoming chronically ill.

17. Was today typical? Why or why not?

The day I wrote this, which is not the day I’ll post this… Yes, it’s been a pretty typical day so far. I did one of my bi-weekly grocery shopping and drugstore runs which is a very typical thing I do. Atypical thing that I did today was buy MU print-on stickers – they are on 20% discount at and I bought some for myself and as a gift for my Mom’s name day which is coming up in a couple of weeks.

18. Do you have a favourite accessory (excluding anything you wear regularly e.g. wedding band, watch, etc.)?

I like to wear any of the 4 necklaces I found at a recycling stop at the local unemployment office a couple of years ago. I usually always put one of them on when I run errands.

19. What was peaceful about today?

It’s 2pm and so far the neighbors’ kids haven’t been outside today so it’s been quiet 😀

20. Do you hold grudges? Are you holding one now?

I do. I have some old grudges such as for the few people that bullied me in school – I don’t think about it nearly at all, but when I do, I wish those people got what was coming to them. I also hold a grudge for the Finnish television stations! This stems from my childhood too! They have a bad habit of not showing scifi tv series in their entirety – as an example, Star Trek TOS and TNG was spread across three different channels, one of which was actually a Swedish channel… this was in the 1980s, so yeah, definitely a grudge.

I also bear nothing but grudge for Kokoomus which is a Finnish right-wing political party.

21. June 21 is “International Yoga Day”. Do you do, or have you ever done, yoga?

Nope and nope.

22. What was the last TV show you watched? Did you enjoy it?

As I write this, I’m in the middle of Magpie Murders. It’s a bit okay. The pacing is a bit weird – it’s started slow, has continued slow and has six episodes which I think is too much. Four would’ve been better. But it’s British and has a reliable actors so I like watching it. I’m pretty sure I know who the murderer is, because of one thing what the character said. Hope I’m wrong and it’ll be a surprise!

23. What was the last live performance you went to?

I don’t do live performances. Too loud and crowdy and always end in a panic attack (crowd) and a migraine (noise & lights). As an adult I’ve been to two: a Danny show and Seminaarimäen mieslaulajat show, both of which are Finnish performers where the audience tends to be sedate and in case of Danny, old. The Danny show was more than 20 years ago, and the Semmarit about 15 years ago.

24. What is the most expensive thing you’re wearing today?

Probably my backback which cost 40 euros. I always wear it when I run errands. It’s sturdy, big and good for hauling lots of groceries comfortably.

25. What’s the last dream you remember?

Last night I had somesort of Star Trek dream which was part Strange New Worlds and part TOS. I was an OC bridge officer on the bridge while some kind of crisis was going on and doing data crunching about the crisis space readings or something similar at a console.

26. Name one item you can’t throw out, even if it’s not really sparking any joy.

I’m going to go with flower vases. Except for one or two weeks of a year, they’re utterly useless and just take up space.

27. Did anything make you laugh today?

Ask A Manager made me laugh with the post about “dramatic reactions to small changes at work” 😀

28. If pressing a button meant you received 5 million dollars (or equivalent in your currency) but it also killed 5 people somewhere in the world, would you press it? What if it killed only 1 person or killed 20 people? What if the people were people you knew?

I have to admit I’d be tempted assuming I’d never know who they are. But I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy those 5 million euros even though that money would solve my biggest problem that is going to go on the rest of my life unless there’s a miracle (poverty), and I’d go mad with guilt.

29. What makes a good friend?

A person who is there for you, and lets you be there for them. Who you can pick up with right where you left off even if you hadn’t seen/talked for months.

30. Do we control technology or is technology controlling us?

I have to say both.

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