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The Friday Five for 22 July 2022 – Cleaning

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1) What’s the most cluttered spot in your home?

Probably this one kitchen drawer which holds all my bigger-than-spoons-and-forks utensils. It’s hard to get closed because it’s so full. I’ve been vaguely thinking for a couple of years that I should go through it. But I haven’t because there’s no place to put them anywhere else, and throwing out isn’t an option because I need them. If I threw them out, I’d only end up buying a new one within a few years anyway. So yeah, that drawer needs de-cluttering but until I think of somehow to store the rarely used ones that isn’t too inconvenient to reach, it’ll keep on waiting.

2) What’s your method for de-cluttering?

I don’t have a method, I do it when it’s needed/things get on my nerves. But I don’t really de-clutter these days – I don’t have that much clutter in my opinion. When I was younger, sure, but I got better about it and now make an effort to put everything in their place right away or throw it out instead of keeping it “just in case” but then never actually need it. If something’s out, there’s a reason for it and it gets put away when the reason doesn’t exist anymore.

For the last year or so, I’ve been getting these weird bursts of restless energy after a migraine attack, so now I try to take advantage of that and de-clutter or clean something when it happens. But I have to be careful not to over-do it, or perform an action that irritates my head, because otherwise the migraine might re-start itself. But I like these bursts of energy a lot because they’re pretty much the only time I feel energetic these days. All the other time it’s a fight to do something.

3) What are your favorite cleaning products?

I really lvoe the organic, ecological cleaning soap ( made by Saaren Taika, it’s very effective for all my kitchen needs and most of the other cleaning too. It’s for many uses, so I’m currently using it as well as finishing up the cleaning products I had bought before it. Saaren Taika shampoo has also been a life saver in another way – my scalp started to itch terribly and to get a rash when I used store-bought shampoos, but switching to Saaren Taika’s organic shampoos eliminated the itching almost completely. They’re all expensive but it’s worth the price, and also because with Saaren Taika shampoos I don’t need to buy hydrocortizone scalp solution from the drugstore to put on my scalp to help with the rash so it almost evens out any way. They also almost all the time have sales on, so I’ve rarely had to pay full price on the items I’m interested in. If I had more money I’d love to try more of their many, many products.

For the toilet bowl my favorite is Klorin liquid which is a bleach and disinfectant solution.

4) What helps get you motivated to clean up?

Getting that weird burst of energy I mentioned in #2. When people are coming over. Or when I just get fed up with something in particular and clean it.

5) What’s the most organized spot in your home?

My couch. It’s a two-seater, and the other seat holds my main notebooks (5 of them), a notepad for note taking, headache diary page and a small storage case where I keep the pens and fountain pens currently inked. There’s also a rag for cleaning my eye glasses and a spot for my smartphone.

My desk is also well organized – it might look a little cluttered for someone else, but everything is actually in it’s place.

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