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The Friday Five for March 17, 2023

Answers to today’s questions at thefridayfive@livejournal

1. Will you be doing anything special for St. Patrick’s Day or is it just another day for you?

I’ve no idea what or when that is, so just another day!

2. What is your ancestry and do you do anything special to celebrate it?

I’m Finnish. That’s as far as I care. I know my Mom’s father’s family was of Russian origin but I’m not sure how many generations back because I’m pretty sure even he was born in (Russian ruled) Finland, but I don’t know more details about that and I don’t think my Mom knows either. Mom’s father died in the early 1960s, a decade before I was born and adopted by my Mom and Dad. It just never factors into anything.

I don’t know or care anything about my biological family’s origins.

3. If you found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, how much of it would you spend on play and how much would you tuck away for another rainy day?

I wouldn’t spend for play as such, but I’d be forced to use for every day living because having savings/investments/property means one isn’t entitled to the benefits that I am currently entitled to most of the months of the year – benefits that help me to pay things like electricity bill, my medications and doctors’ bills. I’d only get the unemployment or sick leave allowance, and those are too small to even completely cover my rent and food for a month. So I’d put as much as possible to savings, but be forced to also use it for simply surviving.

4. Have you ever traveled to the home of your ancestors, providing you don’t already live there?

I live here. We did visit Moscow in 1984 when I was ten, but it was just a tourist thing – didn’t have anything to do with family origins. It just never factors into anything, like I said.

5. Have there been any surprises in your family tree?

Nobody in my family has done any genealogy research on our family as far as we know. But what I do know, no surprises. But we don’t keep in touch a lot/at all so maybe someone has and we just don’t know about it. Nobody on our side of the family cares.

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