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Sep 29, 2023

Weird September

This September has been so weird! Normally the average temperature in September is around 10-12 degrees Celcius, but this year the temperature has been closer to 20 than 10. Days have been around 18-19 degrees, with nights going down to maybe about 14 from what I’ve observed. It certainly isn’t normal to be having 18 degree days when October is only a two days away. Usually I don’t have to have my fan running a lot in September anymore, but I’ve been running it every day at least for a while because it’s too warm inside and keeping windows open.

But somehow it hasn’t been warm like 18 degrees should be – instead it’s been kind of chilly/sticky/maybe sunny and if you put a thin long sleeved shirt on, it’s too much but if you’re in normal short sleeved t-shirt, you’re kind of almost cold. It’s like you can’t get comfortable no matter how you dress right now 🤨

Or maybe it’s just my body that is is out of whack… most other people are wearing normal autumn clothes (wind proof jackets and trousers, closed shoes) and I’m in my summer outfits because I get hot if I wear even thinnest long sleeves, but kind of cold but not really if I’m not wearing it 🤪 And the past little more than a week, every morning around 9-10 I notice I’m hot and sweating indoors when all sense says I shouldn’t be and there nothing causing it as far as I can tell. So is the weather weird or am I when I feel the weather’s being all muggy and sweaty and weird for being September? My Mom did say the other day after having been out for a stroll that she thought too the weather was weird that day. Honestly though, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s my body being weird considering all the chronic illnesses and deficiencies it has and the amount and number of medications needed to keep it functional!

Not to mention, I’m the age that statistically I might/should be in  perimenopause now or start it any moment now. I can’t tell whether I am or not – I don’t have any of the typical symptoms I’ve read about except the hot flashes thing but I’ve been getting easily over heated since I was a kid and nothing’s been so out of the ordinary that I could say for sure I’m in perimenopause. No to mention that my chronic illnesses themselves and their medications can affect the body’s ability to control temperature as well somewhat, according to my doctors. And I’ve also read that there are also women who don’t get the symptoms or hot flashes and only realize they’re in menopause when their periods stop, and that you can’t know whether or not you’ll get mild symptoms, horrible symptoms or no symptoms at all until they happen or not. Anyway, menopause is on my mind somewhat the last few years because I’m so ready to be done with periods!

Anyway, September has been weirding me out and that’s never happened before!

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