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Nov 10, 2023

COVID-19 + Influenza Vaccines

Got my COVID-19 and influenza vaccines again on Wednesday morning. It hasn’t happened before around vaccinations, but I’ve been having problems controlling my Crohn’s Disease bowel symptoms since Wednesday evening. Yesterday morning and again in the morning today I felt sweaty and uncomfortable while the bowel/stomach symtoms were increasing again. Only feeling better once the anti-diarrhea meds kicked in. Weird. But it could also be because of menstruation. It’s so much fun when I don’t what’s causing the worsening of symptoms because it could be any of a number of things! 🙄

Other than that, I only again got a sore arm from the COVID-19 vaccine and this time it seems to be pretty much back to normal re: the arm in only two days. The other times it took a week! So that’s excellent 😁

I’m also disappointed that apparently the health care systems have forgotten how to arrange mass vaccinations – it’s like it isn’t the 4th year in a row they have to do it! Currently only risk groups are being vaccinated, and vaccines are running out (even though 2-3 weeks ago they said there’s plenty for all who need it), apparently there’s no kind of prioritization – healthy 65 year olds with no illnesses are able to reserve a vaccine appointment while over 80s who do have illnesses have to wait because vaccines are out or there’s no time slots available. Old, frail people have to queue outside in the cold and the rain without chairs for an hour during pop-up vaccination events because and then for 15 minutes after, because it didn’t occur to healthcare organizations that queuing happens when people try to get vaccinated and the premises are tiny. Just it’s as if nothing was learned from the mass vaccinations of the last 3 years!

THL has even admitted that the COVID-19 vaccinations are done too late (started in this month) because the COVID-19 is already in full swing. But because influenza season is a little later, they’re doing the vaccinations now because there’s no resources to do two mass vaccination rounds – one in earlier fall, one closer to the New Year. Which I know and understand there’s no staff for that. And still somehow, this is no cause to pay nursing staff more or to improve working conditions so that more people would want to work in healthcare.

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