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I’m Back!

I just got back today, our plans changed a little so I was a day longer. We had great time, Mom and I, and I personally loved it that I was able to spend 3 of the heatwave days in her home, which is a lot cooler than mine πŸ˜€

The new internet connection seems to be working like a charm πŸ˜€ and I’ll be getting back to normal schedule tomorrow πŸ™‚

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FYI – I’ll be away from Monday morning to propably late Tuesday night (GMT+2 time zone). I’m also switching ISPs (yay! the uploading has been a pain in the ass the last 7 days – the connection likes to die several times an hour) and naturally the planned installation day (which I can’t choose) falls to when I’m not home to verify it immediately. According to them, it should happen all automatically without problems but based on past experience, I’m not counting on it.

So if I disappear for a while, it’s because they messed it all up and need to send people to un-mess it, and I’ll be back as soon as I can.

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Tooth Ache

And the tooth ache continues – it’s been on since Tuesday. At first I didn’t think it was notable but it’s now getting on my nerves. It’s not really bad ache – just bad enough that I’m aware of it all the damn time. And it could be my imagination, but I think it’s a tiny shade worse today than yesterday πŸ™

It’s just that I don’t know if it’s normal for it to still ache! If I knew everything was alright and it’s normal and will end sooner rather than later like in a day/three days/a week or something like that, I feel I could stand it. But I’m worried that there’s still infection left there even though I don’t have any of the symptons – but I didn’t have first time either!

I also think maybe I’m blowing the tooth ache out of all proportion because I’ve begun to realize just in these last few weeks or so, that I don’t deal that well with pain anymore, because of the 2,5 years lasting chronic migraine that finally is gone (knock on wood!) and now that I’ve been pain free for like 4 months apart from the migraine attacks (lot less intense than they used to be) I don’t have patience to deal with new continuing pain and just want it to not hurt and be comfortable. And also, for all I know this could be bad pain but because the chronic migraine and the migraine attacks used to be a million times worse than this pain, I don’t feel like it’s bad or even really worth to complain about… because compared to those? This is nothing.

So I don’t what what I’m feeling is reasonable pain and to expected after tooth removal and infection, or whether I should do something about it again.

And why does it have to be the end of the week again – I either have to get in for a check up tomorrow, or wonder through the weekend. I almost wish it’d get really really kill me now horrible because then at least I’d know it’s not healing as it should!

The other tooth removal is scheduled for July 5th, and at the rate this is going, this one is still going to hurt and drive me crazy at that time!

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Againt At The Dentist’s

The spot where the tooth was removed last Monday started to ache Wednesday/Thursday but I thought it was because I was starting to eat solids again and it always started after eating. But Saturday and yesterday it ached all the damn time, and then last night, it started to throb when I did some light cleaning in the bathroom because some men were coming in today to do some installations there. So I called it in today, got an appointment to check it out and good thing I did – there was an infection, the nerve endings were exposed and no sign whatsover of the blood clot that should’ve stopped that from happening D:

It was the same Dentist today who had removed it, and this time I think he directly gave me a lot more of the local anaesthesia because he only gave me one shot and still it’s just as numb as last Monday. He cleaned it out and put in some pain killer thingy that looked like foam rubber and tasted awful. He said that if the ache returns, I need to contact them again.

So now left side of my face is numb again, talking is so-and-so, eating/drinking etc. is forbidden for another hour or so – but the ache is blissfully gone! πŸ˜€

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The Borgias

Just watched the season finale of The Borgias and… how on earth did they manage to make it boring, considering the subject matter?! The first couple of episodes were okay and seemed to promise excitement and dark things to come. But somehow, by episode four, they had diluted it πŸ™ And each episode thereafter was more boring than the one before. Almost didn’t make it through episode 9. Sometimes it felt they were actually making a comedy but that never lasted for more than a scene and then it was back to half-hearted intrigue. And Cesare? He should be a really interesting character, but instead he’s a total yawn fest – and swings around from one characterization to another and yet another depending on what the plot requires of him. Ugh.

I hear there will be a second season. At this point, the costuming is pretty much the only reason to tune in.

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Mom + Fansites + Internet Connection

Mom’s operation went well and she got back home yesterday as planned. So far she hasn’t had much pain, and she’s feeling alright. The arm pit things were clean and they didn’t have to remove any of them so that’s awesome πŸ˜€ but there are other biopsies that we’ll get the results of three weeks from now before we know for sure whether it had spread or not. But so far so good and we’re taking it one step at a time πŸ™‚ But I am very relieved πŸ˜€

In other news…

A couple of weeks ago, I adopted a fansite for Game Of Thrones, the HBO tv series. Didn’t announce it until Gertie bought a domain for it: Game Of Thrones Fan. Game Of Thrones is currently the tv series I most look forward to each week πŸ˜€

Also, it took a few days, but Gertie finally renewed the domain so the site is back and working again!

I’ve ordered a dedicated ADSL to my appartment because my current one, which is a free one offered by my appartment building, has slowed down unbearably. The new ADSL should be installed on June 7, and it all should happen in such a way that I don’t loose internet accessibility at any point, I’ll believe it when I see it. So I might disappear for a bit if something goes wrong with it.

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Tooth Removal

I had the dentist’s appointment today, and he didn’t even try to convince me to have root canal instead of removing the tooth πŸ˜€ So the first of the two teeth is out now πŸ™‚ Took 55 minutes (which is interesting, because a friend of mine had her wisdom teeth removed, 2 of them at one time, and she said it took like 10 minutes.

The dentist said my bone is so strong, that it doesn’t want to give up the teeth. The teeth broke, and he spent like half an hour removing the bit that was left.

At first it was a little uncomfortable, but he gave me so much local anaesthetic that once it really took hold, I didn’t feel much of anything but tugging/pushing/pulling and heard the drilling. It’s still on, but I wonder how much it’ll hurt after the anaesthetic ends.

The second teet will be removed in July, and this time is a 6o minute appoitment πŸ™‚

I had all my wisdom tooth removed over 20 years ago when I was a teenager; I can’t remember if it was as hard work then as it was now. I had 4 of them; they took two onΒ  one time and the other two on another.

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Life Is Shit = Possible Delays In Updates

Life is shit. Just when my own health problems are getting better and I can pretty much have a normal life now (yay!), my Mom gets sick: first PMR (Polymyalgia rheumatica) diagnosed in March, and this week the regularly made (every 1-2 years for her age group) mammography revelead breast cancer. The oncologist/surgeon’s consultation is on Friday and the preliminary date for the surgery is next week’s Wednesday.

Apprently it “isn’t the most aggressive form of breast cancer”, and as I understand, it was discovered early (I hope!!!), but still. Shit. Why are we having this streak of bad luck with health stuff? Mom hasn’t had any health problems for like 45 years, and I hadn’t had either until suddenly in 2008. And since then, nothing but??! Stupid life. At least Mom’s “boyfriend” (funny calling a 60+ year old man a boyfriend but they aren’t married so)  isn’t having any new developments on health front *knock on wood*

This situation may delay website updates. We don’t know anything about what happens after the surgery yet,  what treatments she’ll need to undergo – chemo I believe no matter what, but the others, no idea. Dad had to have the full range of the treatments for his cancer (brain cancer) and he still died four years after the first diagnosis despite two surgeries and all the cancer treatments. I’ve been doing research on breast cancer, and in Finland, 89% of patients are still alive five years later, and “most of them” are considered healed. So that gives hope, right?

Right now I’m not able to concentrate on website stuff much, don’t know what happens when we know more. So updates will happen when they happen.