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Covid-19 & Influenza Vaxines

Picture from Pixabay.

I got my 3rd Covid-19 vaxine yesterday morning, along with the influenza vaxine. When I got my second Covid-19 vaxine in May I had a fever for four days, headache, a badly sore arm for five days (couldn’t sleep on that side for a week) and just generally felt sick for four days. So here’s some notes about the 3rd vaxine. My first shot was Astra Zeneca, second and third Moderna.

– I don’t normally have a reaction to the influenza shot, just a mildly sore arm for about two days. This shot seems to be the same so far!
– Covid-19 shot site on the other hand – ouch! Very sore, but so mostly only to touch. I could sleep normally on it last night while tossing and turning (since I do that a lot).
– Yesterday I felt cold in the afternoon/evening (starting about 4 hours after getting the shot), but that seem seems to be gone now and I feel normal as far as that goes.
– Have been having a sort of a headache since last night, but that could also just be my normal. I can’t tell.
– No fever/temperature yesterday or today morning. I’ll check again in the evening just to be sure.
– I feel normal :mrgreen: Was good to go grocery shopping and to the pharmacy normally today.

Last time I felt quite sick the day after the Covid-19 vaxine, so looks like it might be smooth sailing this time around 😀

In other news, we’re having (mild) cold weather this week; it’s been around -6…-9 degrees Celcius this week and I love it! It almost feels like winter 😀

In other, other news – I baked a date bundt cake last weekend and it’s the best damn cake I’ve ever done! So happy because I bake so rarely anymore, and so they don’t always come out so well anymore because I would run out of spoons in the middle and not pay enough attention to what am doing. But this one is perfect, am so proud of myself! 😀 


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