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Dec 31, 2021

The Friday Five for 31 December 2021

Answer’s to today’s questions on

1) What was the biggest thing that happened to you in 2021?

I was approved for a new biological medication developed for migraines, and started it on December 29th!

2) Where was the most exciting place you went?

I didn’t go anywhere special, partly due to COVID-19 and partly due to my illnesses. I always enjoy visiting my Mom, and also an older friend of mine. That’s special because of the persons involved.

3) Who helped you the most this year?

My Mom.

4) What’s your favorite new thing you bought?

I can’t name a favorite above others, but I’ve enjoyed the following things so very much: Tomoe River paper that I used to make my own note books, Oxford Black n’ Red notebook, Yamamote Cosmo Air Light notebook, MU print on stickers, PenBBS 456 Sakura with white cap and an RM nib fountain pen (bought in mid-December in 2020 but received in January 2021 so I count it for 2021 obviously), and all the washi tapes from; all the various fountain pen inks and ink samples I bought this year and the TWSBI Smoke Rose Gold ECO fountain pen. I bought several digital papers from Etsy sellers that I’ve loved using for my wallpapers.

5) What was your most memorable dreamwidth entry?


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